Hey, let’s listen to some new music.

Breton - Governing Correctly
Sharp, scruffy, and cruelly sexy.  Desperate yelling, shifty beats, and cinematic soundscapes. Big strains of Tom Vek (!!) plus a touch of Bloc Party. 

Black Light Dinner Party - Older Together
Perfectly refined and shadowy electro pop by a secret cabal of wonder producers.

Hotel Mexico - Dear Les Friends
Spacey, lilting, high speed, gloriously avant disco-y pop something from Japan.

XXYYXX - About You
Ferociously bass heavy electronic dreams to float into the galaxies to, reputedly by a 16 year old.

The British Expeditionary Force - Cogs and Chemicals
Layers of lush sonics sliding past drums and guitar, all wrapped around solid and unfamiliar songwriting with soft vocal harmonies. A new style of rock music.

Kuhrye-oo - Soul Handsome
This is that kooky guy who was dancing for Grimes at Fun Fun Fest 2011.  His own music is powerful and scrambled but never sloppy, like Aphex Twin remixing Books.

Emil And Friends - Downed Economy
Hip and fabulous dude pop with plenty enough pleasing weirdness and capable constructions.

Sandro Perri - Love & Light
Arthur Russel-esque beautiful non-songs with breezy yacht rock production.

Chandeliers - In The Octagon

Chandeliers - New Times
I love bands that can rock off-genre, fist pumping, glassy, electronic bangers and dirty, lo-fi, mumbling thought experiments in the same breath.  Or at least consecutive breaths.

Voltaire Twins - Animalia
If you set out to combine The Knife and Arcade Fire, you better be at least this capable of delivering.

Junip - Without You
The only thing cooler than being both Swedish and Argentinean with two z’s in your name is the soft and defined voice of Jose Gonzalez. As much as I’m moved by his intimate acoustic guitar stuff, I love this droney project full of big echoes and fuzz that sounds like licking a nice electric wire.

Jai Paul - Jasmine
This man is probably going to reinvent Prince.  After wailing and gnashing our teeth in agony over the extended wait since he teased us with the track BTSTU, we’re finally graced with… another awesome single.