Big, big deal if you’re wrong.

Jai Paul - In The Company of Wolves (you can’t buy yet)
This is likely to be one of the most important albums of 2013.  In keeping with years of enigmatic positioning, it was leaked for a day then hastily retrieved.  I managed to snag some of it, which I now share with you until the helicopters start circling.  Introducing the future of indie R&B: heavy, sexy lyrics, restless rhythms, deep synths, and virtuoso songwriting. So itense, so fresh.

NZCA/LINES - Okinawa Channels (buy)
Popcorn percussion, woven synths, and gentle vocals. A slim and clear song like colorful glass.

The Orwells - In My Bed
Lo-fi retro punky rock n’ roll that really nails the swagger.  If this doesn’t make you want to clutch a microphone and belt it out, you were never meant to be a rock star. (That’s okay, though.)

Shakey Graves - The Donor Blues (buy)
His new EP demonstrates some increased range and opens with this heartbreaking 4-track folk in the vein of super early Sebadoh and Beck.

Labyrinth Ear - White Gold
This band has all the sophistication and poise of Phantogram - tense, atmospheric electro fusion. They’re Phantogram’s hot, sinister younger sister.  Get these EPs.

Melody’s Echo Chamber - Crystallized (buy)
Double barrel of Stereolab and Broadcast that you haven’t heard this clearly since the 90’s.  The full album has wide range and nice experimental stretching.

Ela Orleans - Longing
Psychedelic collage of sqelch and beats and staticy organs with spooky, arty vocals like a shy owl.

The Silent League - Yours Truly, 2095 (Memory Tapes Version) (buy)
This is a post Mercury Rev project remixed by a post Hail Social guy, so there’s some awesome pedigree and explains the weird pop combined with sensibly composed, versatile electro.

Standard Fare - Darth Vader (buy)
Completely disarming with a strong sound and a meandering lyrical style, these songs are capable of surprising emotional aikido.  One of my favorite modern indie bands whose albums are completely worth your hours and dollars.

Mock & Toof - Farewell To Wendo
One foot in each of the US, English, and Japanese electronic music scenes, progressive beats and instrumentation, unforgettably brazen lyrics, simultaneously cold and emotional, human and alien.

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